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3D modelingOur company employs highly qualified specialists-constructors and engineers, so we create drawings and 3D models of any complexity.
Group: 3D modeling
3D фрезеровка
3D millingManufacture products of any complexity from MDF, plastic model, polyurethane and soft metals. These products are used to manufacture master models and matrixes for fiberglass production, production of polyurethane products.
Group: Machining, processing, fshaping, drilling, reboring
Training staff
Training of personnel Having experienced professionals, we based our company train the staff of other organizations working with acrylic glass technologies and polyurethane.
Group: Staff Training
Welding of stainless steel
Welding of stainless steel Our company offers services for Argon welding, welding of stainless steel and other metal alloys. Our experienced specialists know the nuances of this kind of welding and offer the best engineering solutions to your problems.
Group: Welding
Production staging
Production staging We provide services to launch the production of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), installing and running specific equipment. Advise on the use of raw materials. Teaching manual manufacture of fiberglass.
Group: Starting of serial production of production
Insulation with polyurethane foam
Insulation with polyurethane foam We cover the roof any complexity and form, creating a cover without a single seam. Such surface coating ensures reliable waterproofing and thermal insulation. This saves your cost of additional insulation materials POLYURETHANE FOAM PUF (polyurethane foam)...
Group: Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam
Production consulting
More than 15 years of experience in the Organization of production processes on the factory, our company has withdrawn production consulting at a separate service. We set up production and management processes, share unique experiences to your production was as effective as possibleIntroduction of...
Group: Consulting
Polimochevinoj waterproofing
Polimochevinoj waterproofing Polyurea is a material of new generation. It is used in the construction of various buildings for insulation from moisture. They handle car bottoms, inner part of the body to give overstrength and durability. POLYUREA (polikarbamidy) is a synthetic polymers...
Group: Water insulation


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